About BT FitLyfe

BT FitLyfe promotes a holistic health and wellness brand that focuses on enhancing mind, body and soul. Living a Fit Life, is more than just fitness. At BT FitLyfe, we cater to the entire being! Living a Fit Lyfe means taking control of each area in your life. We specialize in a variety of services to improve your overall holistic health and wellness such as fitness, nutrition, mindful awareness, and heart health. We believe in creating and providing resources for every aspect of healthy living.  When we partner with our clients, we desire to help them become their best selves, as well as provide them the best experience possible with BT FitLyfe.  Come embrace a healthier future with BT Fitlyfe by your side. 

Dance Fit Cardio
Coming soon..
CPR, AED and First Aid Classes
Integrative Health Coaching